The Swimming pools world has undergone several revolutions over the last years. Many users want to escape from the classic blue and are constantly searching for more colours, effects and shapes for their pools. Some years ago there were no pools without a dolphin, a compass rose or a border. Little by little the trend began to change towards new colours and iridescent effects. Currently is hard to tell where the limit will be, as there is always someone with a more innovative idea and a company capable of making it happen.

Reviglass and Regency Pools have joined to present the pool of the luxurious Paramount Apartments in Qatar. A work full of details:

  • Exclusive design: Geometric shapes in black and white, maintaining the style selected by the designer. It was delivered from the factory with individually marked sheets.

  • Safe finishes at 90°: thanks to the Reviglass antislip pieces TRIM PS-26.

reviglass mosaic piscina qatar lujo

  • Impossible curves: The polyurethane cord of Reviglass allows the cutting of strips, allowing the mosaics adaptation to any Surface

  • Class 3 non-abrasive antislip copings: In this project 2.5×2.5cm black and white were used for the inside of the pool, however, antislip 5×5 white tiles were chosen for the coping. Additionally, custom grids were created to cover the overflow channels, the tiles where glued one by one to the grid leaving enough space between them to allow the water to flow.

An amazing project!