Luxury meets perfection at Grand Hotel Belushi Resort & Spa, located in Boge, Kosovo. This is a project carried out by the company Aqua Comfort and Symmetry architecture studio, where the MIX IRIS LENA mosaic becomes the common thread of the different wet areas, providing a contemporary style.

The gray colour is a safe bet when looking for a modern yet distinguished style. In addition, it creates a mirror effect that highlights the decoration that surrounds the pool, in this case, featuring green marbles and gold details.

Likewise, we find the MIX IRIS LENA mosaic on walls, showers, sauna and in the jacuzzi, where the iridescent effect fills the bubbles with reflections. Finally, the reference AB-18, our iridescent gold model, covers the curved areas of the seats thanks to the flexibility that the polyurethane cord support provides to the mosaic.