Before the laying process, it is advisable to verify the installation surface, which should be smooth and levelled.
Regarding decorative designs (bordures, murals, shading blends…) it is recommended to verify the position and orientation of the sheets before the installation.


reviglass colocacion puntos 1


  1. Spread the adhesive (toothed trowel 3mm). It is recommended to use specific adhesives for laying tiles with no porosity at all.



2. Application of the sheets. Adjust and place the sheets on the base spread with glue cement.



3. Tap the sheets with a rubber trowel.



4. Fill the joint with a specific product using a rubber trowel.





reviglass colocacion puntos 1



5. Clean with a damp sponge and rinse it.



6. Clean the surface with a dry cloth.



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