This time of the year, the human team of Reviglass prepares their luggage and gives the final touches to attend one of the unavoidable appointment of the ceramic and glass mosaic sectors: Cersaie. Always bringing news, attending to Cersaie means enjoying Bolonia, but above all is, once again, contacting directly with the customers, collaborators and partners, always supported by an effective organization that works hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We were very sorry to hear the news about the cancellation of Cersaie 2020, but we understand and support the decision taken by the organizers, to follow the sanitary and safety guidelines marked by the different international organizations to avoid the spread of the COVID-19.

Therefore, even if this year we will not be travelling to Bolonia, we would like to use this occasion to look back and celebrate all the years that we have enjoyed Cersaie with a little selection of our most iconic stands that set a milestone in the history of Reviglass during the exhibition in Bolonia.


Our first stand and our debut in the exhibition. Was an important year, because after the creation of Reviglass in 1985, we managed to be one of the few Spanish companies exhibiting in Bolonia.


In 2002, in a different location, we included a new size in our catalogue: the glass mosaic tiles of 1,2×1,2 cm. The possibilities in designs and shapes greatly increased thanks to this inclusion. It allowed us to play with colours and drawings on small scale, so without a shadow of a doubt we took this new product to Cersaie.


In 2005 we bet to be placed in a bigger stand and be more noticeable in the show. This allowed us to show in more visual and attractive way our range of products and the possibilities that the glass mosaic from Reviglass offers. We made the right call!


Our bear made of glass mosaic draw the attention (and the flashes!) of hundreds of visitors of Cersaie in 2011. Nowadays, the bear greets all the visitors of the Reviglass offices in Bidania.


In 2014 we brought to Cersaie the recently released Abalon, a glass mosaic series with an iridescent finish that was acclaimed and was consolidated as one of the most requested products for private pools, wellness areas and spas in Reviglass.


A world of design. In 2019, with our over 30 years of experience, colour range and the different finishes at our disposal, we wanted to show to the visitors of Cersaie that the possibilities of Reviglass are (almost) unlimited. In order to do so, we built eye-catching animal murals and we announced the TRIM collection, which provides a professional, clean and safe finish to the steps and corners of the pool.

What will we bring to Cersaie 2021? Impossible to know it just yet! The only thing for sure is that we will attend with the same illusion and motivation as we have had over the last almost 35 years. See you soon Cersaie!