In Reviglass we keep betting for the innovation and the continuous improvement of our catalogue, this time with the release of our new glass mosaic collection: PARADISE STONES.

Inspired on the colors of the stones and minerals of nature itself, the 10 models of PARADISE STONES bring us to the crystal clear waters of a paradisiac beach, to the intense blue of the oceans or to the calming green of the grand lakes.

All the models are available in 2,5×2,5 cm (1’’x1’’) and some of them also in 5×5 cm (2’’x2’’). To complete the natural effect, all of them count with a spectacular finish with grey and black grouts. Nevertheless, in case doubts are faced when deciding the grout color, we have available our Original grout tester to find the finish that better adapts to your needs.

Undoubtedly, with the collection PARADISE STONES, we bet for a more modern and natural look for pools, fountains and wet walking areas, due to the fact that the 10 colors of this range may count with our non-rough Antislip finish to enjoy these areas with complete safety.

As the rest of our collections, PARADISE STONES is made with 100% recycled glass, respecting the environment and betting for an eco-friendly production method.

The collection is already available in our web catalogue, where you can check the technical features of each model, their finish when they are dry and wet. What are you waiting for to take home with you a piece of paradise?