The grout is a fundamental aesthetic element in the final appearance of the mosaic. With the Reviglass glass mosaic the user can choose the color of the grout they like best. However, it is not always easy to see the difference that the color of the grout will bring to the design as a whole. To advise you in this choice, Reviglass puts at your and the installers disposal the tool that it has created: the “Original grout color tester”.

This way, through a simple motion you will be able to appreciate the influence of a white, grey and black colored grout. Likewise, another of the advantages of this tool is that it can be used either with our full sheets or with the tiles on the Reviglass catalogue, making this tester a really versatile and effective tool.

If you want to have our Original grout color tester by Reviglass to ensure your projects and the designs of your pools do not hesitate to contact us.