Don’t you know our most magic collection yet? Achieve a breath-taking effect with Luminis mosaic tiles from Reviglass, that glow in the dark after being exposed to a natural or artificial source of light. Discover our 100% luminescent models (also available with a mother pearl finish), perfect for signage and designs; MIX references, composed by 5% of Luminis tiles to get a starry sky look; and antislip TRIM for corners.

The greater or lesser luminescence effect of the Luminis mosaic will depend on the type of light, its direct or indirect incidence, the environment, and the exposure time. This effect will last several hours, gradually decreasing its intensity until its total extinction. When installed in swimming pools, we recommend the use of artificial light, which amplifies the luminescent effect once switched off. Luminis mosaic also reacts to UV light (“black light”).












It is highly recommended to test the efficiency of the Luminis mosaics by placing a sample in the chosen location before the final installation. Likewise, it is important to clean the mosaics properly, as any adhesive or grout waste will decrease the performance of the LUMINIS light.