Luminis is a glass mosaic that glows in the dark after being exposed to light.

Luminis glows for about 8hours, with only a gradual loss of intensity. The duration of effective light depends on the selected colour as well as on the type light to which the tiles have been exposed.

The speed with which the optimal lighting effect is achieved depends on the light source; ultraviolet light will pro- vide instantaneous energy with a minimum charging time, using fluorescent or halogen light needs a few minutes to achieve a full charge and incandescent light needs a little longer still.




Maximum lighting levels are achieved when Luminis mosaics are exposed to ultraviolet light, resulting in either a yellow or blue light depending on the chosen material.

For best results, Luminis mosaics are combined with ultraviolet lighting. This combination provides maximum light levels with no loss of intensity over time.

It is important to note that Luminis mosaics charged by natural light offer maximum results for the who- le day and will be able to provide a lasting glow during the sunset and beyond.


Luminis is the optimum choice for emergency signing. The maximum light intensity of the Luminis tiles is provided during the first hour and is ideally suited for high-visibility signs in low-light or emergency conditions, for example:

  • Emergency Exits
  • Danger Signs
  • Directions Signs
  • Arrows

Warmer weather also improves Luminis performance. In cooler weather, the emission intensity is not as strong, and so in colder climates Luminis is best employed indoors..

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