There are many who have been tempted by the mysterious forest green of Cocos, from Pool Selection 2 and Ocean series. Its natural-looking shade provides a tropical lake style to any pool and, as it is a dark colour, it makes any project look deeper, even the smallest ones.

Cocos is a glazed mosaic tile, produced from 100% recycled glass, available in 3 formats: 2,5×2,5cm, 3,6×3,6cm and 5x5cm, with anti-slip option. During installation, dark grout (grey or black) is recommended to enhance its shade.

That is exactly what Piscines Aquablau did, getting a turquoise water colour thanks to the reflection of Mediterranean sky.

Under the British sky, we find this project, undertaken by Waxman Ceramics. In this case, the medium-sized tile was used and the white lines give a modern and elegant touch to the final look of the pool.

Last, but not least, we have this proposal from Comptoir National de Commerce, in Tunisia. The dark shade of Cocos reflects the palm trees and the decorative Maghrebian elements around. This pool features an access ramp done with anti-slip tiles for swimmers with reduced mobility.

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