Usually polyester pools, when finished, are covered with a coloured, uniform and shiny-finished gel-coat. The development of construction adhesives allows to currently consider different types of finishes by using glass mosaics.

The most appropriate mosaic for this end is the one in sheets mounted on polyurethane cord by Reviglass, which offers a maximum contact surface to the adhesive at the back of each tile and leaves the joints totally free for a perfect finish.


Glass mosaic coating is made in the factory

There are various quality levels regarding the sturdiness of the pool and consequently, its resistance to deformations during its transport and its manipulation with cranes..


Considering that the pools are appropriate, the gel-coat finish can be substituted by Reviglass glass mosaic. This way we will achieve the classical pool finish with its many variations and the possibility to have it installed in a shorter amount of time if the pool’s final location allows this method.

In this case, it is convenient to prepare the surface that will be coated by properly flattening it. This can be achieved by using epoxy adhesive of type R2T. Once prepared, the mosaic must be installed by using the same adhesive. For the joints, RG type material must be used, which is also epoxy. Reviglass recommends the use of Litokol X90 adhesive, which is suitable for both functions.

A colour treatment of the joints that suits the chosen mosaic is something to be considered from an aesthetic point of view as per usual.

Procedure and products applied here are the same as for the previous case, but it is made once the pool has been delivered and placed on its final location.


Renewal or refurbishment

The gel-coat of a polyester pool deteriorates as time goes by. This happens due to its permanent exposure to acids and products used for the maintenance of the water and as result of the aggressive cleaning of the calcium tank, giving the pool a distressed look.

Nowadays, and as previously mentioned, it is possible to coat the polyester pool with glass mosaic to renew it, giving the pool a different look for a reasonable investment. For this, you must begin by sanding or sand-jet cleaning the flat gel-coat, removing it together with the dirt and allowing a good grip for the adhesive that will be used.

It is convenient to flatten the surface with R2T type epoxy adhesive as in the previous case for a proper laying of the mosaic. The same adhesive will be used to glue the mosaic sheets. For grouting, the procedure is the same as previously mentioned by using RG type material. We remind you that a colour treatment of the joint that suits the chosen mosaic is something to be considered from an aesthetic point of view.

Reviglass recommends the use of Litokol X90 adhesive which is suitable both functions.