Since 1985, we are producers of recycled Glass Mosaic in our factory in Bidania (Guipuzcoa), in Spain.

Glass, which is the basis of our product, is perhaps the most noble of materials created by man, and can be considered environmentally friendly.

At Reviglass we obtain a unique product from a 100% recycled glass, becoming a 100% recycled mosaic; thank to our advanced technology it is possible to develop an efficient and environmentally committed resource exploitation process in order to minimize the environmental impact:

• 100% Post Consumer Recycled Glass.

• 0 emissions: No emissions to the atmosphere.

• Energy saving: The use of recycled glass allows reducing up to 25% the consumption of energy during the production process.

• No harmful mountings: The consumption of glass mosaic in paper or in the revolutionary mounting “polyurethane cord” allows respecting the environment with the use of totally innocuous materials.

• None water consumption.

• Packaging: The packaging used by Reviglass is 100% recycled carton.


For us, ecology is more than just a trend, it is a vocation.


Specifiers, users, mosaic lovers in general, we put our resources and our experience in your hands to make your projects come truth, and hope that this website will become your meeting place and source of inspiration.